Professional Background

My lab/Great Dane mix, Miles, and tortoiseshell cat, Mimi, at work in the office.

Miles and Mimi at the office.

Kristie Reilly is a writer and editor with 20 years of experience editing for books, magazines, academic journals, and other publications. She began her career in publishing just after high school, when she worked as a typesetter for Osborne McGraw-Hill, a technical book publisher, in Berkeley, CA. Before too long she moved over to the editorial side, working while in college in several editorial positions, and the rest is history. She has held staff positions at the University of Chicago Press, the Harvard Medical School, and In These Times magazine, among others, and her freelance clients include a broad range of academic and trade publishers (for more information, see the gallery and client list). She is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and former co-chair of the EFA’s Boston chapter before a recent move to Brooklyn. See her resume here.

Kristie’s editing and writing focus on nonprofit, academic, technical, and political work, with occasional fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry projects to keep things interesting.

Kristie Reilly